Rev. Aleksandr von Schmidt

I was born in 1973 in a Soviet family, raised in Communist society, but always had an interest in the Divine - around 12 years old I figured out there is something more than a Communist ideology. I got my first Bible at age 16, read most of the New Testament by 17, and wanted to be baptized. From 1991-1995 I earned a B.Sc. in Air-Conditioning Engineering and joined the Navigators (Student ministry) at age 18. After a couple of years of deep Bible Studies, I was not satisfied with a lack of the Sacramental aspect in my life. On May 28th, 1995 I was baptized in a Lutheran Church (St. Michael's congregation, St. Petersburg - Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia [ELCIR]). On November 26th, 1995 got married. We have four kids - from 23 to 16 years old - 2 boys and 2 girls. I started my pastoral education in September 1995 in the LCMS Mission pastoral training program (Some of my professors were Dr. Robert Kolb, Dr. Samuel Nafzger). Then I went to the ELCIR seminary. Graduated in 2000, writing a final paper on "Private Confession in the Bible and Lutheran Confessions". Was ordained as an associate pastor on April 25th, 1999. For a youth ministry pastor in St. Peter's congregation in Kolpany. January - December 2000 I was the Head of PR department of the ELCIR. On April 29th, 2001 I was ordained as a pastor of a mission congregation, St. Paul, St-Petersburg. Starting with two families we grew into 2 congregations of 20 and 10 people each. In December 2003, I was called to be a pastor for a Toksovo congregation. 2004 - 2009 I got my M.Th. (STM equivalent) - Biblical Studies of Old Testament - from the University of Wales (Cardiff, UK). I was called to Messianic Lutheran Congregation (St-Petersburg) in September 2008. 

My family moved to the USA in November 25th, 2013. Since the ELCIR and the LCMS are in the Altar and Pulpit Fellowship - after a meeting with Pacific South-East District President Rev. Dr. Larry Stoterau - I was allowed to do pulpit supply. February 2018 I transferred my pastoral credentials from the ELCIR to the LCMS.

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Andrew Kaufmann, Director of Christian Education (DCE)

Andrew is Director of Christian Education at Zion Lutheran Church. He was born and raised in a Lutheran family, so has always been heavily involved in the church. Throughout most of high school, Andrew was unsure about what he wanted to do after graduation. Through prayer and many positive role models in his life, he heard God's call to be a Director of Christian Education (DCE). Following His call, Andrew studied at Concordia University: Chicago, and graduated from the DCE program.

"As a kid, I learned a lot in Sunday school and youth group, but I didn't grasp the importance of faith until soon after my confirmation at the end of seventh grade. At that point, I stopped viewing church services as a chore and started viewing them as a blessing. What a great gift it is to be able to worship God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and to receive his mercy, grace, and forgiveness."

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