What to Expect

  • What's a service like?
    • We use the Lutheran Service Book, and our services are traditional.  It's easy to follow along as the full service is printed in the weekly bulletin, distributed as you enter the Sanctuary.
  • What's the music like?
    • Again, we use hymns from the Lutheran Service Book, familiar to Lutherans and Christians alike.  Hymns are accompanied by organ, piano, choir, and sometimes handbells or other instruments.  Sometimes the Liturgy is sung as well. 
  • How people dress?
    • We want worshipers to be comfortable, but respectful of other worshipers and of the Lord.  Most people wear "business casual" type clothing, while some prefer suits and heels.
  • What about my kids?
    • Children are welcome.  In fact, there is a Children's Lesson given each week by the Pastor where children come forward to hear God's Word.  There is also a "quiet room" just off the narthex for those unexpected disturbances, diaper changes, etc.   We want everyone to be able to worship.  Families with small children and babies will enjoy the convenience of our child care center,  available every week during both services at the Fellowwhip Hall.
  • Where do I park?
    • Ample parking is available next to the building.